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the Unknowns


The intentions of Hetty de Boer-Blonk's work "the Unknowns" were transformed into a video-/soud-experience by Jan Visser.

the Unknowns

During a period of over a year, visual artist Hetty de Boer-Blonk has developed a sculpture group consisting of 20 abstract heads, using scrap material. The state of the material used and the creativity of Hetty resulted in convincing expressions of the conceptual, warrior-like faces. So Hetty developed the idea of a fearless army. An army strong enough to warn mankind. To warn against their incredible behavior. Towards each other, towards nature, towards the planet. Trying to influence this behavior. Make us aware of our rudeness.

Hetty was looking for a way to spread the message using this army and shared her thoughts with Jan Visser. Jan concluded that photography was not strong enough to express this serious message and decided to use video.

The video combines video-shots and photography together with a soundtrack to strengthen the emotional impact on the viewer.
The 'unknowns' come from unknown places, develop, find each other and organize into a convincing, strong yet peaceful army. To warn us for our killing of the planet and mankind.

a still from "the Unknowns"-video by Jan Visser

the Unknowns [3 min, YouTube].

the Unknowns

army of Unknowns
ruthless mankind
foreboding doom

the Unknowns

het leger der onbekenden
rukt op
naar de nietsontziende mens
onheil voorspellend
poems by Hetty

Read more about the work of Hetty de Boer-Blonk at https://htty.nl/